The Western Sydney Wanderers Community is driven by the key outcome of striving to be a globally recognised and respected football club, the pride of Western Sydney.

Our community focus will always remain at the forefront of our mindset as a club. It is through strong values, passion and commitment of the various stakeholders at the club that we will remain true to these values.

The foundations of our club are made up of four cornerstones: football, community, business and experience. These elements are integral to all areas of the Western Sydney Wanderers community.

The Wanderers collective belief in the Western Sydney region will not be compromised. There is an enormous sense of pride and power in the Red & Black that we as individuals and a collective can stand together and be proud of the area we represent.

We are fully committed to being a market leader and ensuring that we continue to make a true difference in Western Sydney. Our community engagement strategy will engage people through our connectivity, engagement and development programs entrenched in the partnerships with our school communities, football associations and local football clubs which characterise the core Western Sydney Wanderers Community.


Within the Western Sydney region there are over 100,000 registered football participants – the highest in the country. There are also 210 Grassroots football clubs and a team of 300 strong dedicated Western Sydney Wanderers School Ambassadors.

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