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Herbalife Nutrition have been our Official Nutrition Partner since 2014! The Wanderers players and coaching staff trust Herbalife Nutrition to fuel their success. They use the products before, during, and after training and games as part of their nutrition program.

Products That Fuel the Wanderers  

Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport Provides a good source of quality protein derived from Milk Protein Isolate to help in the development of lean body mass and recovery. 

Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength - For immediate and sustained muscle recovery with a blend of Whey and Casein proteins that helps to rebuild muscles over a multi-period of exercises. 

Tri Blend SelectThis carefully selected premium vegan protein shake delivers a complete protein source, all essential amino acids, Vitamin C and 7 key minerals. 

Herbalife24 CR7 DriveCo-developed with Cristiano Ronaldo, to support ideal hydration during physical activities. 

Herbalife24 Hydrate Hydration is the key to a good performance. Refill your body’s electrolytes while staying hydrated with Herbalife24 Hydrate. 

LiftOff - Formulated with a blend of caffeine and B-vitamins to help provide support in energy production which helps you to stay alert and focus. 

Other supplements used by The Wanderers: 

For more information, visit www.herbalife.com.au and follow us on Facebook & InstagramAlways read the label – use only as directed.