Adam Peacock's New Year's Wishlist

Can’t cop New Year’s resolutions, not for the reason resolutions are useless, rather why should they all of a sudden become relevant on January 1?

So, for 2018, here’s some football hopes for the 12 months to come:

Choices made by those in power aren’t made because it suits them, rather it suits a range of groups.

The second this governance issue is resolved, expansion followed by a second division become the overriding priority of the men’s professional game.

The Matildas qualify for the 2019 World Cup while winning the Asian Cup in April. The group draw of South Korea, Japan and Vietnam is tough. For South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Sam Kerr keeps being Sam Kerr.


Tim Cahill makes a 4th World Cup and scores. We don’t have a huge history at football’s biggest tournament, so for one of ours to become just the 4th man to do it is a big deal.

Every school kid who registers to play club football gets a free pass to Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League games.

VAR gets refined and it works. Like it or lump it, FIFA want it and there’s not much little ol’ Australia can do but make it work.

The new Wanderland somehow gets finished early. Yes, I know with building; that wouldn’t be a wish come true, but instead a miracle.


Wellington gets sorted out because they were given a warning but they didn’t seem to listen to said warning. Becoming increasingly hard to support them in the Hyundai A-League when the waiting list grows longer this side of the Tasman.

Newcastle United don’t get relegated. Not holding my breath.

Whatever this time of year means to you, hope it is an enjoyable one for you and your families!