Babbel on FFA Cup performance

Wanderers head coach Markus Babbel said he was pleased with Red & Black's spirited performance against Sydney United on Wednesday night. 

The Wanderers came out firing and secured a comfortable 7-1 win over the National Premier League side. 

"The result was top, first half was good and the second half we were struggling a bit," said Babbel.

"We came out, conceded a goal and then it was a big opportunity for United to come to 3-2.

"But our goalkeeper Dani did a fantastic save and then had another two fantastic saves so we don't get any problems. 

"Then after the red card it was easy going for us."


The Red & Black have had a heavy pre-season schedule and have remained unbeaten after a series of friendlies. 

For Babbel, the difference in this season compared to last is the unity in the changeroom. 

"Our training level is higher than last season," explained Babbel. 

"The team spirit is already good and that is the difference between last season and now. 

"I want players to come here looking for success, not just for the lifestyle. 

"Many players want to come to the Wanderers, but we need to find the right ones."