Falkon on being crowned the Israeli Female Footballer of the Year

Lee Falkon talks about winning Israel's first ever female football award and what it means to her.

I was recently awarded the 2017 Female Footballer of the Year award and it was an incredible feeling.

The award means a lot to me as it is the first time the Government has done this type of award. In previous years the award was only available to men. 

So it was the first time ever that female footballers were thrown into the pool and everyone was given the opportunity to nominate their favourite players. 

It is a special award to me as the people gave me their vote and it was assuring that the hard work I put into the football over the last year was appreciated and watched by people. 

A bit of advice I would give young girls or boys that want to be a professional footballer but come from a place of hardship is that it takes a lot of hard work to get to a professional level. 

You need to know that you are going to have a lot of struggles along the way and that you will need to overcome them. 

You always have to keep on going and try your best. 

As a footballer, you always need to appreciate the good stuff and then when you have something good, you need to hold it and appreciate it before you move onto the next thing. 

Not everything is under your control so you must remember to always do your best.