Injury Watch: Wednesday 5 December

In our latest instalment of Injury Watch, we give you an update on the progress of various Wanderers player's return from injury.

Mark Bridge has increased his running volume and commenced plyometric training and is on schedule for his return in January as planned.

Young gun Kosta Grozos is now able to integrate ball work and increase his volume running. He is all on track for his 6-weeks post-injury return. 

In exciting news, Patrick Ziegler is back in full team training and is responding well to training loads. 


Roly Bonevacia's hamstring strength is back to individual testing norms pre-injury. 

Bonevacia has returned to team training this week and has had no further symptoms following his increase to training volume. 

Ruon Tongyik has continued with his individualised strength training program and has had no issues with running volume or change of direction.

The defender will continue progressing to high speed reactive and distance training.