Lopar senses winning mentality

Goalkeeper Dani Lopar says the Wanderers are taking nothing for granted despite their unbeaten start to the season that sees them at the top of the Hyundai A-League table.

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The Swiss goalkeeper has been one of the standouts since joining the club this season, winning widespread praise for his efforts between the posts as the club has enjoyed its best start to a season.

“It’s a good feeling of course (to be doing so well), but we have to continue and keep working because football changes very quickly,” said Lopar.

“For the moment it is very nice but we have to continue.”


Lopar said he can sense the winning mentality and the confidence within the playing group, something that has been influenced by the foreigners the club has signed this season.

“You can feel it in the changing room and on the pitch as well,” he added.

“Of course, a lot of things have to improve (but it) all starts with good confidence.

“The reason why we are here, the foreigners, is to give something special to the team. We try to improve every day, the team and ourselves.”