McGowan back in the West

Defender Dylan McGowan has linked back up with the Red & Black this week, after spending the last two weeks in hotel quarantine.

Following the suspension of the Hyundai A-League season due to COVID-19 in late March, McGowan returned back to Scotland where he spent time with his family and son. 

"When everything sort of hit and the league shut down, I was in Sydney for a while and then went back to Scotland with my family," explained McGowan.

"That's where they are based and I just spent time with my son."

McGowan's return to Scotland meant that that when he did return to Australia for the resumption of the Hyundai A-League season, he would be required to go into a mandatory 14-day period of quarantine in a Sydney hotel.

Looking back on the two weeks stuck in confinement, McGowan spoke on the difficulties in staying fit in a small hotel room. 

"It's impossible really to keep fit in the hotel room (in Australia)," said McGowan.

"The club did well in sending me some weights and stuff to keep on track, but there's only so much you can do sitting in the hotel room. 

"Coxy's (Wanderers striker Simon Cox) finding that out now but yeah I'm enjoying the fresh air, just seeing different people and speaking to different boys."


The goal for McGowan and the Red & Black is simple - play well and make Finals. 

"I think it's pretty simple, we've got five games to go in the season to make Finals to push up as high as we can in the league," noted McGowan.

"If you can't get incentivised for that, then you shouldn't be at a club like Western Sydney.

"For us, it's just about finishing off where we were under a new manager.

"The way we were playing, we were starting to put some performances together ad with that in turn, some good results so for us it's just about getting back to that level as quickly as possible and a massive carrot for us at the end of the road is Finals - taking this club where it should be. "