Middleton looking to go the extra mile

Wanderers midfielder Chloe Middleton on building on the foundation the Red & Black created in the Westfield W-League last season.

The Illawarra Stingray's player experienced her first season in the Westfield W-League last season and embraced every moment with the Wanderers to become a better player both on and off the field.

"My first experience in the Westfield W-League with the Wanderers was such an amazing experience being able to train and play alongside such quality players has made me work harder and become a better player myself," said Middleton.

"I learnt so many new things about my own game and it's definitely made me want to be out there more."

Chloe Middleton

The midfielder joined the club as a train-on before being promoted to a full-time contract at the start of January.

Middleton's hard work, determination and persistence eventually paid off with the youngster featuring in a handful of matches in the Wanderers midfield. 

"Being able to play in five games last season really helped me build confidence in my own ability," explained Middleton.

"It made me hungrier as a player to work harder so that I can be out there more often."

Chloe Middleton

The Westfield W-League 2020/21 season will all be about building on the foundation the Red & Black created last season with Middleton confident that the team will go the extra mile.

"I am super excited to be back at the Wanderers for a second season, personally I just want to keep learning and growing within my game and become a stronger player," said Middleton.

"Having such a great coaching team at Wanderers, I believe can keep helping me in all aspects of the game.

"I hope this season I can experience more games and last season we had such a great year as a team.

"I hope we can continue to build on that and go even further this year - showing everybody how great we can be."