Najjar and Silvera visit Arab Bank Cup

Wanderers Academy players Mohamed Najjar and Sam Silvera visited the 5th annual Arab Bank Cup over the weekend and presented tickets to tomorrow night's Westfield FFA Cup clash to the winners of the Cup. 

The Arab Bank Cup is an open Mens and Under 16s one day tournament featuring representative football teams from Sydney's Asian and European communities. 

The Arab Bank Cup was first held as part of the AFC Asian Cup 2015 community engagement program. 

This year's event featured for the first time a Syrian-Australian football team, along with teams from China, Japan, Iraq, Lebanon, Nepal, Iran, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Macedonia, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Algeria, Australia and Vietnam. 

Najjar and Silvera spent time with all the participants supporting a multicultural Western Sydney and presented tickets to the winners of the 2017 Arab Cup. 

You can grab tickets for our Westfield FFA Cup Semi Final here