Siemsen supports Western Sydney University's Greening Day project

Wanderer Remy Siemsen headed out to Western Sydney University's Parramatta South campus for their first ever Greening Day.

Local students, researchers, families and athletes came together to build a 10-meter green wall at Western Sydney University’s Parramatta South campus with the aim of raising awareness for the small everyday changes we can make to lessen our carbon footprint and make our world a little cooler and greener.


Research has revealed the average Sydney resident would need to plant one tree a week to offset the average weekly carbon emissions of an ordinary Australian citizen. 

Western Sydney University’s first ever Greening Day has been organised as part of #EarthIQ, an online community for young Australians who want to be proactive in their daily lives, harness people power, and combat global warming.

Find out more at or follow the conversation using #EarthIQ