Six things you need to know about stadium seating

From Parking Passes to priority seating, we’ve answered the most common questions on the seating configuration at Sydney Olympic Park.

Membership renewal prices frozen for 2016/17
You won’t pay a cent more for your seats at Sydney Olympic Park than you did at Pirtek Stadium if you renew in the same category as we have frozen the Membership renewal prices for the Hyundai A-League 2016/17 season. You can view the prices of all Memberships by clicking here.
Priority seating for the new stadium at Parramatta
By sharing the journey to the new stadium with us, it means you will have priority when it comes time to move back to Parramatta. By continuing your Membership at our temporary home at Sydney Olympic Park and you’ll be one of the first to secure at a seat when the new stadium is built. This is part of our recognition of Member Loyalty.
Why have Red Members and Black Members moved?
The west side of ANZ Stadium has to cater for 10,000-15,000 ANZ Stadium Members so there is a large number of seats on the west side that we cannot give to Wanderers Members. As a result, the majority of Red Members have been relocated to the Eastern side, including the two bays on half way. Black Members remain on the sideline. All ANZ Stadium matches are played after 7pm so no match will be affected by sun.
Spotless Stadium follows the standard seating arrangements of stadiums and sporting codes around the country with category A seating (Red Memberships) the closest to half way. There is only one match at Spotless Affected by sun (Round 19 v Mariners) as all other matches are 7pm or later.
If Members would like to change seats, they are able to request a seat change or upgrade.  Members who upgrade into a new section only have to pay the renewal price, not the new price. For example, if Adult Black Members would like to upgrade to Red Membership, the price difference is only $50 (just $3.85 a match).
What’s the price difference between Black and Red Memberships?
If you are one of the current Members who is considering an upgrade from Black to Red Membership, there’s a $50 price difference between the two (less for concession). That works out to be an extra $3.85 per match. If you pay monthly (WanderPay), it will be an extra $5 per month on top of your payments ($10 for the initial payment).
Request a seat change, upgrade your Membership & sit with friends
Members are able to put in a request to change their seat or upgrade their Membership. Importantly, existing Members who upgrade into a new section only have to pay the renewal price, not the new price.
Once requests open on Monday 20 June, Members who would like to change their seat or upgrade the Membership can submit a request through
Additionally, if you have friends you would like to sit next to and they are not Members yet, you can recruit them and get rewarded through the Member Scout program. The Member Scout program allows current Members to recruit new Members to the club and with the new stadiums you can now have your friends sit next to you when they join. Member Scouts are thanked with WSW Rewards points as well as special prizes for the top recruiters each season.
One of the most common questions from Members with the temporary move to Sydney Olympic Park has been about parking and the possibility of parking add-ons for Members. The good news is that Members will be able to pre-purchase discounted parking as part of their Membership.
When renewing or purchasing a Membership, there will be an option to add a parking season pass for $250, a saving of $75.
Contact Membership Team
Any other questions? Feel free to email the Membership team on or alternatively, call the Membership team during business hours on (02) 8602 6424.