Wanderers Academy heads to the community

Wanderers Academy players Nicholas Suman and Daniel Axford visited James Busby High School in South West Sydney to promote social cohesion and the Wanderers upcoming Harmony Day clash.

The visit to James Busby was part of the PCYC CREST Program that places an emphasis on teaching students about the importance of respect, choices, leadership, collaboration, persistence, cultural awareness and health. 

The goal of the program is to use football clinics as a way to encourage social cohesion in a school environment. 

Suman and Axford helped out with the clinics and were part of a Q&A session where students asked them some hard-hitting questions about what it is like to balance school and playing in the Academy and what are some of the sacrifices they have had to make along the way. 

The program teaches the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, being positive, setting goals, believing in yourself, having a dream, working hard in life, avoiding risk-taking behaviour, facing adversity, getting an education and finding support from friends and family to achieve your goals. 

The event was part of the lead-up to the Western Sydney Wanderers Harmony Day celebrations.