Wanderers Hyundai A-League team bring joy to The Children's Hospital at Westmead

The Wanderers Hyundai A-League team have continued their annual tradition this week of visiting The Children's Hospital at Westmead during the Christmas period.

It’s always wonderful to see a beautiful, wide smile on the faces of children.

But, it makes it a whole lot more special and satisfying when you know you have brought so much joy to kids who have been doing it tough through no fault of their own.

Along with the rest of the Wanderers Hyundai A-League squad, defenders Daniel Georgievski and Tarek Elrich got to experience just how much it means to the kids when they took part in the club’s annual visit to the Westmead Children’s Hospital recently.

As an ambassador for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Elrich said that there is nothing he loves better than interacting with the kids, handing out presents and seeing the sheer happiness.

“I am an ambassador so I come here a bit more to appreciate just what the kids go through,” said Elrich.

“They are the real fighters and it is just a humbling experience to be here.

“We all leave here with a spring in the step knowing we have said hello, given them a few presents and seeing how happy we have made them.”

Elrich was particularly taken by the reaction of the kids after they have been handed a Wanderers jersey.

“To give out a Wanderers jersey and to see them rip off his superhero shirt, replace it with the Red & Black hoops and see them so happy is really special,” added Elrich.

“It makes their day.”

Georgievski said it was a humbling experience to be part of the visit.

“It’s amazing, not only for us as as a club but us as players to go an see how people sometimes do it tough around this time of the year while everyone is at home and being with family and friends,” said Georgievski.

“Some kids especially don’t have that privilege.

“To be here personally, you get to see how it works, how the system is and how friendly people are and you take that into your day to day.

“I want to see smiles on the faces of the kids and when that happens then that is the richest part of life.”

Georgievski was quick to make friends with one of the young patients.

“I had a card game with one of the girls and she beat me so I wasn’t too happy,” said Georgievski.

“We were giggling all the time and we had a good laugh. That was very special for me.”