Wanderers mascot phase one: research & focus groups

Harking back to the forums that originally created the Wanderers, the club has recently held focus groups with schools in Western Sydney to find out what type of mascot young children would want to see represent the Wanderers.

Junior Members can vote here

Seven forums were originally held ahead of the creation of the club to select the colours, name and where the club would call home.

It is only fair then that the future mascot of the Wanderers will be built on these same foundations.

Over the last few months, students from schools in Western Sydney have been called into focus groups to find out what type of mascot would appeal to them in a positive, entertaining and respectful fashion.

All the children who participated in these focus groups were selected based on their links to football. Either being a Wanderers member, football fan or played grassroots football.


The focus groups began with a discussion on what a mascot was and what it should represent for a club.

It then followed with a fun drawing activity where the students were asked to design the future mascot for the Wanderers giving reasons on why they chose a particular character to draw, what their special talents and personalities would be.

Findings from the research groups found that majority of the students either drew an animal (wolf, bird, dolphin or fox) whilst others drew a superhuman.

The next steps see the Wanderers entering phase two which will see two draft mascot concepts designed.

These concepts will be presented to all junior Wanderers Members giving them the power to vote on which Mascot they like better giving them the power to shape the future of the club. 

Junior Members can vote here.