Wanderers W-League Mentoring Program kicks-off

The Western Sydney Wanderers W-League Mentoring program officially kicked off last night at Club Marconi with players participating in a session about personal branding and effective networking. 

As part of the club’s ongoing commitment to women’s football, the Wanderers W-League Mentoring Program is designed to help players plan for success, build on their personal brand whilst also aiming to support both their mental health and physical well-being.

The program is focused on developing bright futures for the Wanderers' elite female players, ensuring that they get the support and confidence to manage their home, work and football life balance as well as introducing them to the right networks that will help broaden their career opportunities. 

The first session of the program was hosted by Nikki Heald from Corptraining and was designed to help the W-League team build their personal brand and work on their networking skills. 


The session guided players on personal image, communication and how to effectively network to maximise opportunities for broadcasting their brand. 

The personal branding and effective networking workshop is one of many sessions that the Wanderers W-League team will attend this season, the next being a meet-and-greet with their Mentors. 

Mentoring Program

The Wanderers W-League Mentoring Program is a first for Women in Australian sport. To find out more and ways you can get involved, click here.