Ziegler on Australian football and our match against Bonnyrigg

Western Sydney Wanderers defender Patrick Ziegler says he's found the transition to Western Sydney easy and is confident the Red & Black will get a result on Wednesday night. 

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Ziegler joined the Wanderers at the end of July and will be looking to make his Wanderers debut in the club's second competitive fixture of the season on Wednesday night against Bonnyrigg White Eagles in the FFA Cup Round of 16. 

"Teammates are very good, I love the staff," said Ziegler. 

"I think we have a very good team, I think we will do very well and of course we have some things to improve but I think that's normal. 

We are in pre-season and I think we will win on Wednesday and then we will go into the next round. 

“(Markus) gave me good advice for the game and obviously, he was a great player.

“He has helped me with everything, if I have questions it’s no problem because I can come to him.

“For me, it’s very easy to learn here.”

First day of 2018/19 pre-season

Ziegler made the switch from his home country of Germany to Western Sydney and has found the transition of football style easy to pick up. 

“It’s some kind of nervous (football style in Australia) whereas in Germany, it’s a bit more relaxed in the game,” said Ziegler. 

“I think it’s a nice style of play, it’s a little bit more physical but at the same time, it’s technical.

“So I like this style, it’s not like kick and rush, but more technique than England for example.

“Of course, it’s not easy to say where we are at the moment, because I don’t know how other Hyundai A-League teams are going so it’s hard to say but I like it.”